Recognising that local businesses require a regional focus, Colourful Communications launched Colourful in Kent,  specialising in PR support and editorial provision for businesses in the South East.

  • We can help reduce your promotional to do list, send customer emails, place adverts, and alert the press to your latest project.  We can draft blogs, keep Facebook up-to-date, and so much more.  In a nutshell, Colourful in Kent will look for ways to grow your business whilst you are running it.
  • Colourful In Kent will create cost-effective, targeted, local communications strategies for businesses based in the Kent (and East Sussex) area.  We will liaise with our numerous contacts in the regional media (but sometimes with national press too because we like seeing our clients in the big glossies!).  We will help out with general business-growth tasks and can get you talking to the right people to help with everything from brand building, to planning permission to expand the building……
  • Colourful in Kent provides affordable, bite-sized chunks of PR support with a Kent focus. Perhaps one day a month is all you need, or maybe just a little extra push on a single project? Pick up the phone or send an email and let us unburden you.

As the manager of a Kentish community orchard, I am delighted to endorse Colourful Communications’ marketing and PR skills. The consultancy has been brilliant at promoting our charity, finding markets for our produce, negotiating sales, generating press coverage, organising public events, driving visitors, seeking funding streams and using social media to extend our reach. We have achieved a good return on our investment and would be very happy to work with Colourful Communications again.Kent Barker
Orchard Manager, Standen Fruit Farm Charity Orchard